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Latest News

Our "Safety Month" is a Year-Long Focus

Although June is designated as National Safety Month, the Gulf Coast Carpenters & Millwrights Training Trust Fund makes safety a priority every day of the year.

Union carpenters and millwrights are known for their attention to safety on a job site, and that’s because we invest in our members by giving them relevant, real-life safety training throughout their entire career.  A Central South carpenter and Southern States Millwright understands that safe work means:

  • personal accountability–especially when no one is watching
  • responsibility to others
  • understanding the owner’s safety expectations of the project
  • identifying and calling attention to unique hazardous or unsafe factors
  • safe performance
  • safe behavior in and around the hot work areas
  • safe task completion
  • maintaining current safety, human performance, first-aid, and OSHA qualifications
  • effective communication with co-workers and supervisors during dangerous tasks

Our safe work product is our edge. It plays a big role in keeping our members employed and our employers in-demand.

Are you trained and ready to go with your safety certifications?  Contact your local training center and take a class if your credentials are up for renewal.  

It’s safety month - it’s a great time to check your cards and make sure you’re good to go.

Learn more about the Central South Council’s attention to safety by clicking here:

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